What is Ramadan?

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The holy month of Ramadan is also known as the month of fasting and falls on the ninth month in the Islamic (Lunar) calendar, known as the ‘Hijri’. The start of Ramadan is announced with the sighting of a new moon and each year begins about 11 days earlier than the previous year.

It is a time for inner reflection, devotion to God and self-control. Those who fast refrain from eating or drinking during daylight hours. At the end of the day, the fast is broken with prayer and a meal called iftar that usually begins with the eating of dates. The fast is resumed the next morning after taking Suhur (pre-dawn meal).

Eid marks the end of Ramadan, also known as Eid al-Fitr (the festival of breaking of the fast). The feast takes place on the first three days of the following new month, depending on the sighting of a new moon, usually between 29 and 30 days after the start of Ramadan. This is called Shawal.

Greet your friends and family this Ramadan with either of the following commonly used phrases:

  • Ramadan Mubarak – Blessed Ramadan
  • Ramadan Saeed – Happy Ramadan
  • Mubarak aleik al shahr – May you get the blessings of the month
  • Eid Mubarak -Blessed Eid.

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