Our People

Recruitment is very much about people; the challenges that can be created means that our team must be experts within the industry and the practice of recruiting. The dynamics presented within the HR industry is unique and talent acquisition faces new challenges and constraints all of the time. Thus, Recruiters must be able to offer an unparalleled level of service to become an effective and resourceful partner. Our team of consultants must be able to provide a service level that allows added value to be recognised by our clients. Subsequently, this will be the catalyst to complement our consultative and partnership approach. Our staff reward structures also promote and recognise long term business relationships and support our clients within the process of selection, retention and replacement.
All our staff possess a track record of recruiting in both the regional and international markets, with a specialised understanding of their market space. This, we believe, offers the best platform of service to our client and candidate base. Our team is offered the strongest candidate generation and marketing tools, to ensure that we can position ourselves continually at the leading end of the industry. Charterhouse Is supported by a dedicated and experienced administration and support team which also includes a research capability.   
The core strengths and attributes within our recruitment policy adheres to the following principles;
•         Ethics and Honesty.
•         Longevity of service and relationship management.
•         Demonstrable track record of delivery. 
•         Understanding and consultative approach.
•         Professional integrity.
•         Responsiveness and solution led mindset.
•         Culturally aligned and respectful to the MENA region.

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