About CLS

Charterhouse Labour Solutions Overview 

Charterhouse Middle East was formed in 2004 following the successful launch of Charterhouse Australia in 2003. In 2016 Charterhouse Middle East debuted its sister company Charterhouse Labour Solutions, expanding it services in the region, providing our existing and future clients with turnkey solutions for outsourced hiring and payroll solutions. Delivering effective on-boarding, contract management, pay-rolling and visa services to businesses who are looking for project or outsourced headcount to be based in the UAE. CLS is one of only a handful of organisations that are able to offer this service with a license issued directly through the Dubai Government, no third party involved.

Charterhouse Labour Solutions is based within the Charterhouse Middle East Dubai office. The CLS team works closely and concurrently with the Charterhouse team, allowing a fluid experience from recruitment to outsourcing. Our clients can utilize CLS outsourced services independently or in combination with Charterhouse recruitment services. As the recruitment industry has evolved in the Middle East and in particular the UAE, Charterhouse saw a demand in the marketplace for a broader offering away from traditional recruitment services and decided to widen its portfolio by establishing an RPO service and an Outsourcing/Payroll Service.

Charterhouse has established a solid track record in RPO and Outsourcing/Payroll Services. We have 18+ years of market knowledge in the region and the industry, a dedicated HR Outsourcing Team, an exceptional track record of contingent and retained recruitment performance with a multitude of clients and candidates, licenses issued specifically to Charterhouse by official government authorities (not a third-party license) and the infrastructure and ability to provide exceptional service, which is what our clients have always expected.

Charterhouse Labour Solutions ensures our team adheres to the following core strengths and attributes:

  • Ethics and Honesty

  • Longevity of service and relationship management

  • Demonstrable track record of delivery

  • Understanding and consultative approach

  • Professional integrity

  • Responsiveness and solution led mind-set

  • Culturally aligned and supportive in the aspirations of the region

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