Why Outsource

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing through Charterhouse Labour Solutions (CLS) involves employees being hired on our visa/labour card and outsourcing them exclusively to the client. The outsourced employee works for and directly reports to the client, whilst Charterhouse Labour Solutions handles the full HR function, including visa and labour card processing as well as payroll of the employee, and all payroll-related matters.

Outsourcing can be a great solution for numerous reasons.

Rights to Work in the UAE

  • Under our visa sponsorship or labour card we give the employee the right to work in the UAE.

Full Support

  • Charterhouse handles the visa sponsorship, payroll, HR support and more.

Day to day same as any other employee

  • While Charterhouse Labour Solutions are the legal employer and sponsor, the employee reports to the client on a day-to-day basis, like all other employees.

What services do Charterhouse Labour Solutions Offer?

• Outsourced Visa Sponsorship
• HR Support
• Payroll services

Why Outsource?

  • A tailored outsourcing solution could be the right answer for your company. Charterhouse Labour Solutions have provided outsourced staff to an array of clients across the globe looking for a solution to support them in the UAE.

No Entity

  • Do you not have an entity in the UAE but would still like to have a presence?

  • Are you planning to set up your business in the UAE and need a solution to hire staff on the ground while setting up a new entity?

  • Do you need someone to look after your clients and distributors and develop your presence further?

Testing the Market

  • Are you looking to explore the UAE market, before establishing a branch or representative office?

  • Discover the ROI of outsourcing a representative on the ground.

  • Hire someone on the ground, who has experience in the UAE market and can show you the potential.

  • Test the UAE market for business opportunities by relocating your team members, who already know your business.

Short-Term or Project Basis

  • Are you looking to take on project staff for a short-term or limited period?

  • Would you like the ease of having someone else handle the visa, HR and payroll function of your temporary of project staff?


  • Would you like to add to your team without impacting your headcount?

Why Outsource with Charterhouse Labour Solutions?

Specialist Team
Charterhouse and Charterhouse Labour Solutions combine specialist consultants to provide the highest level of service.

All CLS clients benefit from a dedicated and experienced team who will manage the full outsourcing end-to-end process. This team consists of a dedicated Charterhouse Labour Solutions Consultant to manage the client and candidate expectations, the HR expertise of our Employee Relations & On-Boarding Manager and our Finance & Government Relations Manager who oversee all aspects of visa issuance as well as an Admin Support Assistant. The Outsourcing & Payroll Team is personally managed by the Managing Director to ensure that all aspects of the process are executed to the highest standards, with each member of the team having extensive experience in the Middle East.

Client and Employee Support
As part of our commitment to our outsourced employees, we make sure they do not feel abandoned without support, we are there for them every step of the way. Beyond this Charterhouse Labour Solutions takes away the stress from both employees and Clients, we are on the ground in Dubai with the latest information regarding any changes to the UAE Labour Law and the general working environment within the UAE. Our main focus is to build and maintain exceptional relationships with the outsourced employees as well as the client, we take it to the next level and do all we can to assist.

With your dedicated CLS Consultant available to both candidate and employee as needed. Please note we act as the intermediary; nothing is processed without CLS gaining written approval (through email) from the approved authorised person in your team. We focus and excel at maintaining ongoing open communication between the Client and Charterhouse as well as Charterhouse and the employee at all times. CLS prides itself on exceptional customer service, making for a stress-free experience for both Client and employee.

Transparency of Costs
We do not count the hours or the documents processed, we aren’t adding on fees for another phone call. Our success is measured by our relationship with clients and employees, providing a fluid connection of open communication between HR & Payroll.

Bespoke Tailored Solution
CLS tailors the solution to the clients’ requirements, in terms of services required, communication, disciplinary reviews, expenses and the overall relationship between CLS, the employee and the client.

Licensed directly by the government to provide outsourced staff in the UAE
One of only a handful of companies in Dubai are licensed directly by the Dubai Government to provide outsourced staff. With no third parties involved, we do not let other companies piggyback off our license. Instead, we work directly with our clients to ensure the highest level of service and compliance with all applicable laws and regulations

Offering and Inclusions
Charterhouse Labour Solutions can facilitate the following Outsource services;

  • Full Visa Process

  • Medical and Travel Insurance

  • Payroll

  • Bonus, Commission and Expenses processing

  • Full HR Support

    1. NOC’s and salary certificates

    2. Support in appraisals and reviews

    3. Onboarding and Offboarding

    4. Performance and disciplinary action handling

    5. Latest updates on UAE Labour Law and UAE visa process

    6. Support and guidance in terms of the UAE market – salary levels, benefits etc

  • Family Benefits – as directed by the client

  • Leave and End of Service Gratuity Management

    Please let us know if there are any other services you need assistance with, we are happy to tailor a package to suit our client’s needs.
    Get in touch today for a confidential chat with one of our consultants by emailing;

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