Why We're Different

At Charterhouse, we believe we are different to most other recruiters. Here’s why:​​

Leaders in Recuitment

People Are the Best

Chatbots, automated resume screening, sentiment analysis software . . . the recruitment industry is moving increasingly towards AI-based systems. At Charterhouse, we have made a conscious decision to buck the trend. We truly believe that people are the best, and that with them we can do our best work.

Our consultants use their experience and skills to build and nurture strong – human – relationships with candidates and clients, and to identify the right person for your next role. We actively seek out organisations with a compelling story to tell, where we can add real value and create great opportunities for our candidate pool.

At Charterhouse, you will never be an algorithm.

We believe in people

We Strive for Equality

To us equality isn’t a policy, a document or a training course; it is an integral part of our mindset and working methodology. We place a strong emphasis on individual capabilities, behaviours, values and motivation, and constantly strive to avoid bias, prejudice and discrimination.

Our consultants receive training in conscious and unconscious bias to gain the knowledge and tools to reduce their impact across all activities. We actively promote our commitment to a diverse workforce to both clients and candidates. We know our clients are also passionate advocates for equality, focussed on the right person for a role above all else. We also know that candidates come to us because they will be valued as individuals with unique talents, skills and potential.

We truly believe that by striving towards equality, and always keeping it at the forefront, we are moving towards a better, more rewarding workplace for all.

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Recruitment as a Profession

We love our profession and value the multitude of skills our people possess, but we also recognise the importance of continuous learning. In recruitment, consultants need to be great lawyers, accountants, writers, advisors and counsellors for clients and candidates alike. So, we seek to train them in the wider skills they need – both as recruiters and as business people.

At Charterhouse, we offer a clearly defined career path to our people, with options to move laterally from one discipline to another, seek promotion to manager and director levels, or specialise as a business development manager. Our training and promotion processes are formalised through quarterly reviews with line managers and 360 feedback.  

At Charterhouse, business is about more than meeting sales targets. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure that the recruitment profession adapts, evolves and endures to meet the needs of our people and the industry as a whole.

With our emphasis on great people, equality and the recruitment profession, you know you are choosing well everytime you choose Charterhouse.

Recruitment as a Profession


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