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Charterhouse UAE 2024 Salary Guide

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May 2024 will see the 20th anniversary of the Charterhouse brand and business in the UAE. During this time, yes we “have seen it all” but we have also learnt and evolved immeasurably. The comparative markets and challenges, between then and now, are vastly different and like any organisation, you move with the times, trends and technology.

Whilst the industry we work within and the sectors we have operated across have continually changed, our core principles and beliefs as a Recruiter, have remained largely unchanged. At Charterhouse, we still adhere to the core mission statement and service levels that the business was built upon. Our people are key and the irony is; that recruitment remains and always will be about people. Maybe one day, AI and robots may threaten our roles. However, as we enter 2024, we are only as good as our team of individuals.

Adding a knowledge-based approach and a drive for an insightful consultation will always be our aim at Charterhouse. Only through these traits and characteristics can a Recruiter differentiate themselves within increasingly competitive markets where networks and technology are integrating all the time. Despite this challenge, Charterhouse believes in the “contact points” of people. Moving towards our anniversary, this remains central to any success and reputation.

​​Our expertise and coverage within this salary guide for 2024, focuses across the following core areas of market disciplines:

Salary Guide Notes

Our survey collates figures across a range of sources and brings together salary information from our candidate database, client input on budgets and grading systems and our market intelligence via research, benchmarking and information gathering. The survey, in turn, reports figures (Low & High) which is an accurate and impartial reflection of the market ranges within job offers.

The figure ranges cited include our categorisation of gross monthly fixed compensation and would exclude any monetary benefit or allowance linking to education, leave travel, insurances and any other perks (financial or non-financial). This standardisation is there to allow for any anomalies whilst also accommodating for the varied nature of package structures across the client/company base within the UAE market.

The Charterhouse Commitment

We commit to a high level of professional service and integrity with an approach of engagement across our candidate and client network. Our team consists of specialised consultants, whom within their sectors, are positioned to provide the strongest talent and recruitment solutions on the agenda of delivery to succeed. We ensure accuracy and integrity of any information and/or consultancy input and this holds true within the survey presented.

We hope this information provides a useful and informative summary across its area of attention.