2023 sees Charterhouse Labour Solutions celebrate its sixth birthday and what a six years it has been! Launched in 2017, CLS continue to bring a new level of services to the outsource market, raising the bar year on year. Working closely with our sister company, Charterhouse, our clients are provided a comprehensive high level full service hiring experience, taking into considerations the latest changes to UAE Labour Law, visas processes and even previously the challenges of border closures in a pandemic. It has certainly been a ride!

Supporting from recruitment to outsourced visas and ongoing HR management. We pride ourselves on tailoring the solutions to suit you. Outsource, payroll, recruitment, HR management, all of them or a mixture, taking outsourcing in the UAE to the next level.

As is often the case with birthdays, we are looking back to where it all began, how we got here, what we stand for and what we want to achieve before the next lap around the sun.

Outsourcing in Dubai be quite confusing, especially to clients and candidates new to the UAE.

What We Do

  • What does CLS do and how can it benefit me?

CLS is a bespoke tailored HR solution service that works directly alongside your organisation to build a unique hiring and HR strategy to suit your company and your current and future needs.

From the first moment you reach out to us at CLS you will be shaking hands with your long-term business partner. They will handle everything from start to finish.

We provide turnkey solutions for areas of contract hiring and payroll solutions across professional and management categories. We offer a personalised approach, dedicating our team of experts to your organisation to really understand how you work and how we can help the growth or expansion of your organisation. This team will consist of a dedicated Charterhouse Labour Solutions Consultant, Employee Relations and On-boarding Manager, Admin Support Assistant and our Finance & Government Relationship Manager who will oversee all aspects of visa issuance. The Outsourcing & Payroll Team is personally managed by the Managing Director to ensure that all aspects of the process are managed to the highest standards.

At CLS we pride ourselves on tailoring our services to suit our clients’ individual needs. We can complete legal paperwork such as visas, travel insurance and medical insurance. Support in monthly expense facilitation and ongoing HR management. We tailor our approach to suit your individual needs and requirements.

CLS can help you have a presence in the UAE without having to setup an entity or having to pay the overheads on office space. We can help you hire the best candidates in the UAE, sponsor your employees on our visa, payroll and outsource them exclusively back to you.

Whether you are looking to grow your organisation on an international scale and don’t know where to start or are limited by your headcount or budget or need project staff, give us a call and allow us to guide you through the process. We can help you through every step of the way; from looking for the perfect candidates for your team to completing visa, medical and legal paperwork, or if you already have the perfect candidate, let us handle the rest.

We don’t count the hours or the documents processed, we aren’t adding on fees for another phone call, we are only measured by the success of our relationships. We are the connector between client and employee on all HR & Payroll matters, offering a fluid connection of open communication.

What We Stand For

  • Why is CLS different to other outsourcing organisations?

CLS is one of a handful of companies in the UAE licensed directly by The Government to provide outsourced staff. CLS works hand in hand with our recruitment team, having been established in the UAE for over 17 years. This means that we can hire the best talent for you and take them through the whole hiring process, from sourcing and initial interviews to visa sponsorship and continuous ongoing support whilst in the region.

Once joining CLS each client has their own dedicated CLS consultant who will work alongside you to tailor our services to suit your individual needs. We are on hand 24/7 to assist you and your employees with any HR needs. We create a unique and personable partnership of open communication.

Where We Began

We are experts in our field, with over 17 years of HR experience within the UAE we decided to start CLS and use our international scope to help organisations around the world. We wanted to create a fluid HR process with our sister company, Charterhouse, to offer our clients a one-stop shop for hiring, on-boarding and ongoing HR support.

Through our personal and professional approach we can help you to value people and create opportunity.

 Get in touch today for a confidential chat with one of our specialists by emailing; outsourcing@charterhouse.ae or calling us on +971 4 372 3500