In challenging markets, everyone feels the pressure, we all look to see what we can do to try and make that next deal. You get out your old client list and start focusing on giving everyone a call to see how you can help and of course, apologize for not having been in contact, but now you are calling because you are here to save the day!  Is this tactic really going to inspire clients to want to work with you again? Or will they feel like the old girlfriend that you are calling because no one else will go to that party with you and you are desperate to not go alone.

Maybe a better plan to get new business from old or new clients is to have business empathy. We all learn that empathy is the right thing to do, but maybe we really only look at being empathic when it is related to world events, natural disasters, etc. However, why not utilize empathy in business?  The key to sales is understanding your clients’ needs and showing how your services/products can help their business grow, improve and assist in satisfying their needs. But truly understanding a clients’ needs means you need to try and understand their business fears, market challenges and what impacts their business day to day.  You need to have a genuine interest in your clients.

When clients perceive you as being empathic, they trust you and see that you value their company, your relationship and are there to support them through good and bad times. This leads to a strong client bond which ultimately leads to more sales with clients and a stronger long term relationship.

Look at the long term top sales performers in your company, are they the cut throat deal at any cost guys or are they the guys that have built strong relationships and have the soft skills needed to show true business empathy? Most likely it is the guys that practice business empathy on a daily basis.

Remember, we need to implement our own life values in business, especially during challenging times.  So make sure you start every day with choices that make you proud of who you are and what you want to achieve.  Whether you are the sales advisor trying to hit your target or the client that is just trying to keep the business alive, there is incredible value in feeling appreciated, valued and respected. 

Trying to focus on business empathy when you just want to hit target might be tough to start with but the long term benefits you will have from building true partnerships is well worth it.  Remember we all want to be successful and maximize our wealth, but ensuring your business values include integrity, morals, ethics and business empathy will ultimately help you achieve success.