We are in this together!

This week on June 21st, brought the third solar eclipse of the year and the first official day of summer to Dubai. Generally they say that a solar eclipse ushers in positive changes and a portal for growth. As Dubai continues to wake up and resurface from lockdown we are all slowly adjusting to the new normal, one to be embraced with hope and positivity. Masks everywhere, social distancing and I don’t think anyone has ever known their exact body temperature so many times in one day ever before. We are adjusting and that right there is the key, ‘WE’.

We are all in this together. Throughout the last three months and all it has brought, we as a company and a group of expats in the unique hub that is Dubai, have been and continue to try to find the silver lining in things and that again brings us back to the we, we are closer, we are kinder, we are stronger, we are sympathetic and we are in this together.

As the economy opens for business, some level of normalcy is on the horizon, therefore we must take this opportunity to acknowledge what we have learnt and how we can do things better, both as people and organisations. The safety and comfort of staying home cannot last forever, we must return, we must grow and we must do this together. ‘The return to the new normal’ they are calling it, such a contradiction but a perfectly pure description as well, looking at the way things were, the way things are and the way things will be moving forward.

For many organisations this time has been a time to reassess, to look at costs, to look at the traditional work model they are using, to look at a new way of doing things and how they can do things better. Numerous clients have already reached out to us and let us know that working from home has actually increased productivity, staff were happier, they felt safer and they felt a flexibility and a level of self-responsibility they never had before. Whilst the opposite may be true for others, one solution and one business model doesn’t fit all.

Charterhouse Labour Solutions are here to help you with solutions for the new normal. Perhaps you are looking to reduce or close your physical office but maintain your current presence. Outsourcing would allow you to keep your presence with no head count issues or trade license required, you can also manage your cash flow with project based staff as and when you need them. Maybe the UAE market is of interest, but you are not quite ready to take a huge leap, utilise outsourced staff and start your presence small with full local HR and payroll support through Charterhouse Labour Solutions.

Let us tailor a solution for your new normal, please feel free to get in touch for a confidential chat with our specialists on outsourcing@charterhouse.ae

We are here to talk, help and support.