An everchanging country, the UAE is rapidly expanding and continues to grow each year. Known as a travel hub, a home for expatriates, thriving with its ever-growing economy and many beautiful attractions, the UAE entices more and more visitors each and every day. The UAE is home to over 200 Nationalities and is made up of over 80% expatriates. A multitude of changes have been considered and implemented in recent years, making it a fantastic place for everyone to live. With many of the recent changes, the UAE is now globally recognised as a leading country for Diversity and Inclusion.

When we think of Diversity and Inclusion, this does not only mean making the UAE a great place for numerous nationalities, it means recognising other attributes such as Gender Equality, Religions and People of Determination.

The UAE is committed to fostering tolerance and acceptance. Over time, there have been many adjustments and developments to UAE Labour Law, including the introduction of anti-discrimination legislation, the provision of supplementary training and resources and the creation of gender quotas for management positions. Meaning, that if a female is handling the same responsibilities as a male with the same job title, she will be paid the same salary. These initiatives continue to contribute to a fairer workplace by promoting equality between men and women.

Women in the workplace are thriving, with support and training programmes available, many businesses are encouraging women to take on more senior positions, a change that is palpable in the market.  

Any act against individuals or groups based on gender, race, colour, sex, religion, nationality or disability is considered a criminal offence, according to the Anti-Discrimination Law. Under Article 30, the same law protects and prohibits employers from terminating a woman's employment based on her being pregnant.

No only is the workplace becoming more diverse, the UAE has evolved as a whole, making numerous changes to accommodate multiple religions such as the celebration of religious holidays, allowing the country freedom of worship for all, with the objective to create a happy and peaceful Nation, for everyone. Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan is quoted saying, “To treat every person no matter what his creed or race as a special soul is a mark of Islam,” with this in mind the expectation is that everyone who lives and visits the UAE, continues to respect the Islamic Law.

In recent times, the UAE has further developed its Emiratisation initiative, the UAE Government now mandates the employment of UAE Nationals in both public and private sectors, aiming to increase the number of UAE Nationals in the workforce, to enhance the local contribution to the economy.

With additional visions and plans for the future to accommodate the continuous growth of the population, the Nation strives to promote and empower the social inclusion of all.

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